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Easy, Real Time Check Out for

The CheckOut button is part of an automated, easy CheckOut system. It is designed for all Hospitality hosts and operators. 

No more second guessing if guests have left, with the CheckOut button you will know in real time. In addition, one click triggers several automated actions, cutting costs, streamlining ops and boosting revenue. 


New Automated Hospitality Tech Solution for 2024

  • Real time guest checkout notifications

  • Offer & monetize early check in

  • Smart lock integration via RemoteLock

  • Thermostat integration - Save energy 

  • PMS-Channel Manager integration

Early check in is one of the most common requests from guests


What is the CheckOut Button ?

Easy & Fast to Install

The CheckOut button simply sticks to the inside of the main door at eye level. It is battery powered and uses Bluetooth to connect to a powered hub, which connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 

"The CheckOut Button has reduced our time on site by 10%"

Teresa, Ops Director,

How does it Work?
Supported Tasks

1. When guests leave, they press the CheckOut button, this automatically triggers several automated check out tasks.

2. When the room is ready for the next guest, the cleaners do one, long click to trigger the early check in tasks.

  • Send SMS & Email Messages to Cleaners or Hosts

  • Revoke Door PIN Codes
  • Adjust Heating or AC
  • Send the Next Guest an Early Check In Offer
  • Update PMS/Channel Manager
  • Custom functions possible

Solve the Check Out Problem Once and For All

Contactless, 24/7, keyless check in has transformed the hospitality industry, and nowhere has seen more rapid change than short-term rentals and hotel stays. Eliminating meet and greets has freed up operators to reduce on-site headcount and capitalize on new efficiencies.

However, automating the check out process via guest apps and occupancy sensors has not been successful.

Finally an automated Check out ‘system’ that really works, no more knocking on doors, lurking in the corridors or waiting around for updates from the reception staff.

Did you know, Housekeepers spend 10 to 15% of their time finding the next room to clean.

Source - Mews Housekeeping Guide. Download here 


Are You a Hospitality Operator?

Who We Serve

The CheckOut Button was designed for short-term rental hosts of all stripes. Whether you manage apartments, boutique hotels, motels, or even a mid-sized hotel chain, the CheckOut Button can offer you new efficiencies.

Reasons to Automate

More than 80% of vacation rental managers have plans to implement keyless technology, and 85% or vacation rental companies say that automation is a top priority for their business.  Source - Avantio

It Works!

Based on beta test at ApartRooms


Guests love the button, in testing 95% pressed at CheckOut

One Click is All it Takes

On Single Click by Guests
  • Send SMS Message to Cleaner

  • Send Check Out Notification Email to Host

  • Adjust Heating or AC

  • Revoke Guest's Access PIN

  • Update Your PMS

On Long Press By Cleaners
  • Send Notification to Host When Rooms Are Ready

  • Send Upcoming Guests an Early Check In Offer
  • Adjust Heating or AC Before Guest Arrival


Each button connects to a hub via Bluetooth. The hub can connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

  • One hub can support up to 63 buttons

  • Hub connects to Wi-Fi network or wired Ethernet connection

  • Button range is approximately 50 meters, depending on obstructions

  • Button is powered by a watch battery

  • Buttons are easily provisioned via smartphone app

  • Hubs cost £83.29 + VAT

  • Buttons cost £20.83 + VAT

  • Volume discounts available

  • Monthly subscription required

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